Hello Beta testers! Thanks for helping us out! We are ready to start testing our app. Access the ordering site at order.hammerhand.coffee (there is also a link on the left side of the main navigation at the top of this page labeled "Order Online!) and create an account. During the ordering process, you will select the item you wish to order and the site will take you through a series of pages where you will select any modifiers you would like to ad (flavor syrups, cream, extra shot, etc.). At the end of this list you will see an option to add a discount before you add your item to the order. This is where you will access the 25% beta discount. There will be a check box just above the "add order" button that says "view discounts for this order". Select that box and add your order. You will then be taken to a page where you will see the Beta Tester Discount option. Select "add" on the right hand side, then you can pay or add more items. You can schedule your order for a certain time or for pick up immediately. You can even schedule an order tonight for tomorrow morning!


You will receive a text notification when your order was received and then another when your order is ready for pick up. Be sure to leave around 10 minutes for us to complete your order before you plan to arrive. Online ordering will be available between 6:30 am and 2:00 pm. You will also receive a link via text with a survey on your experience testing the app. Please let me know if you enjoyed it, found it easy or difficult to use, or especially if you ran in to any problems, This is beta testing so crashes and bugs are possible. We have worked out several major bugs already but we won't be able to find all of them until we get this in regular use which is where you all come in! We will be beta testing for at least a couple weeks. Feel free to use this as often as you want during that time! If you have friends who want to use it for a discount too, you are welcome to share the link. One important note: Please let me know roughly when you plan on coming in! We have quite a few beta testers so if we are going to get hit with lots of orders at once I want to make sure I am there to help out.


Thanks again for your help and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! You can message my on our instagram thread or you can email me an alex@hammerhand.coffee. You can't order coffee after 2:00 pm but feel free to browse the ordering site and get familiar with it!